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What is Truano?

✅ A safe platform for providing live online 1:1 lessons with proven experienced tutors.

✅ A service that saves you time and teaches exactly what you need (no pre-recorded generic videos or group lessons).

One-off or regular tutoring and preparation for important exams, such as high school admissions, A-levels (Maturita), end-of-term exams or just for learning new skills (e.g. languages, programming, etc.).

Who is Truano for?

✅ For those who are looking for help with preparation for admission exams, graduation exams or just need help with preparation for end-of-term tests.

✅ For those who find grasping new material challenging or those who need extra support due to long-term absence at school, college or university, for example, due to illness, injury, etc.

✅ For those who want to improve their language skills further, for example, to get a better job offer or just to improve communication skills when going on holiday.

Who are our tutors?

✅ Experienced tutors, teachers, university students or experts in the field.

✅ Enthusiasts who are passionate about a particular topic and enjoy sharing their knowledge and skills.

✅ People with a friendly, responsible and creative approach who have passed our demanding selection criteria.

How does it work and is it safe?

✅ Find the lesson you need.

✅ You can choose from time slots available, or just ask about availability at a time that suits you.

✅ Pay securely for the lesson through Stripe, an international online payment platform, which is used by thousands of e-shops around the world. Your money is safely stored by the third party until the lesson is completed. The tutor receives payment when the lesson is delivered.

✅ Your lesson will take place on our own video conferencing platform with integrated chat, the ability to save notes and screen sharing.

✅ You will rate the lesson and the tutor. We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the first lesson, we will find you another tutor for free or refund the money.



After moving to a new school, I found out that I had large gaps in the basics of Spanish grammar. Truano helped me a lot with this and I enjoy returning to my tutor.


My son is often ill and Truano basically replaces homeschooling, I am very happy about that.


I am so glad I discovered Truano. Thanks to this my son can devote himself to the sport he loves and we, his parents, know that he can catch up on his subjects from the comfort of home.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied, we will provide you with a free replacement lesson.