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What is Truano?

✅ A secure platform to deliver 1:1 live online lessons with verified and experienced tutors.

✅ A service that saves you time and learns exactly what you need (no pre-recorded general videos or group lessons).

Lessons for one-off or regular tutoring, teaching and preparation for important exams, such as entrance exams, matriculation exams or mid-term papers, or for regular teaching of new skills (e.g. languages, programming, etc.).

Who is Truano for?

✅ For those who are looking for help preparing for entrance exams, matriculation exams or just need help preparing for the mid-term exam.

✅For those who have trouble understanding new or who have to catch up on missed school material due to a longer period of absence from school, e.g. due to illness, injury, etc.

✅ For those who want to take their language skills further, for example to get a better job offer or just to make better arrangements on vacation.

Who are our tutors?

✅ Experienced lecturers from the ranks of teachers, university students or experts in the given field.

✅ Enthusiasts who understand a certain topic and enjoy it so much that they want to pass on their skills.

✅ People with a friendly, responsible and creative approach who passed our demanding selection process.

How does it work and is it safe?

✅ Find the lesson you need.

✅ You choose a listed date or simply ask for a time that suits you.

✅ You pay safely for the lesson through the international payment gateway Stripe, which is used by thousands of e-shops around the world. The money is safely stored in the wallet until the lesson takes place, and the teacher receives it only after it has taken place.

✅ You take the lesson on our own video conferencing platform, which also has integrated chat, the ability to save notes and share the screen.

✅ You rate the lesson and the lecturer. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, i.e. if you are not satisfied with the first lesson, we will find you another tutor free of charge or refund your money.



After transferring to a new school, I discovered that I had major deficiencies in the basics of Spanish. Truano helped me a lot with this and I am happy to return to my lecturer.


My son is often sick and Truano basically replaces homeschooling for us, I'm very happy for that.


I'm so glad I discovered Truano. Thanks to this, the son can devote himself to the sport he loves, and we, as parents, know that he can catch up on his studies from the comfort of his home.

100% satisfaction guarantee

If you're not satisfied, we'll give you a free lesson replacement or refund.